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When it's family time,

serve the best ! 

From our family to yours. 

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Gourmet Italian Pasta Sauces.
Traditional Recipes.
Fresh Ingredients.
Old-World Flavor.

Guaranteed Premium Quality

We are passionate about creating memories to enjoy with


friends and family. We believe sauce should be done the right


way, to us that is a simple list of ingredients that speak for


themselves. Combined with Pasta Jay's family culinary


tradition, we bring balance and harmony to your dinner table.


This represents our passion best.

We stir the sauce, you get the sauce!

pasta jays sauce table cloth.jpg

Fresh Ingredients, Old World Flavor

Jay Elowsky honors his family through the homestyle dishes he serves in his legendary Boulder restaurant, Pasta Jay’s.  At the center of this tradition are his sauces.  In 2017 Jay decided to share a piece of his family with us by jarring his delicious sauces and bringing a taste of Italy from our home to yours.

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Nothing artificial. Pure clean ingredients. No fillers. No binders.

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Sauced !

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